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About us

Let us tell you our story... We did not start out in this building. Truth be told, we have been around for a long time. Christ died for us (and for you). About fifty days after Christ's death, the apostles were moved by the Holy Spirit as they preached the first Gospel sermons. As they proclaimed God's will to the same group that had demanded God's Son hang on a cross, something very special happened. The church of the Bible, the church as God intended, was created and available to all who are willing to enter.

Since that great day that the church was created, men have been trying to change or pervert the church of the Bible. We connect our origins to that day because that is the church we strive to be. We have no creeds, congressional formation papers, or centralized hierarchy with other congregations . We believe that the church as God created in the Bible is enough and is what He wants us to obey. For this reason, we strive and study to know the commands of the Bible and follow them.

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